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                            MobilityArena's Claim To Fame

                            In 2004, Yomi Adegboye became the pioneer tech blogger cum mobile phone reviewer in Nigeria when he began to share his experiences with mobile phones and prepaid services on various blogs, including Mobile Africa (now Tech Africa). He started GoSMartMobile in 2006, and later Mobility Nigeria in 2008 - both blogs about mobile phones.

                            Mobility Nigeria soon grew in reputation as the go-to place for detailed reviews, information about the latest phones, and the best smartphone deals in the country. As he gained recognition as the country’s most respected and most authoritative tech blogger, fans and admirers of the blog coined him the nickname, Mister Mobility.

                            As the site's clout grew, the need to serve a wider audience resulted in a re-naming of the largest mobile review website and tech blog in Nigeria to Mobility Arena. Mobility Nigeria was later re-launched to operate side-by-side Mobility Arena.

                            Leading brands, including some of the world's top phone companies, have collaborated with Mobility Arena. The list includes: OPPO, itel, TECNO, Infinix, Nokia, Xiaomi, Slot Systems, Apple, Nescafe Africa, MTN, Jumia, 9mobile (formerly Etisalat), Gionee, Ntel, Huawei, Samsung, Airtel, GTBank, and BlackBerry, among others.

                            From 2001 till date, Mister Mobility has owned over 200 mobile devices, including Windows Mobile phones and Pocket PCs, Symbian phones, Palm phones, BlackBerry phones, Ubuntu phones, Maemo phones, Android phones, and iPhones.

                            Find specs, release dates, prices, and up-to-date information about the latest Samsung phones, TECNO phones, Infinix phones, Huawei phones, OPPO phones, Nokia phones, UMIDIGI phones, and itel phones.

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